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By John Shelby Spong

The Easter Moment tells the relocating tale of Spong's friendship with a tender surgeon demise of melanoma and the way that dating shed new gentle at the years of analysis the writer has dedicated to the good secret of what really occurred on that long-ago Easter whilst the entire heritage of the human race used to be replaced. Spong is keen to invite difficult and looking questions and to come back up with startling and critical solutions to what occurred after dying that first fateful Easter, and what that implies for wondering lifestyles after demise today.

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The needs of his ego always seemed to outstep his ability. He covered his insecurity w ith aggressive behavior and inces­ sant bragging. I suspect that when Jesus invited Peter and the others to the special status of discipleship the old fisherman's heart swelled w ith a certain amount of pride. Perhaps this meant he was important, a somebody, he thought; and this man seemed to need to be a somebody more than most. The picture the New Testament paints of him is that of a deeply insecure man who in an almost childlike way craved recognition and basked in the sunshine of attention.

They took to the streets. They proclaimed their story. " They took on the world. They prevailed. They endured ridicule, arrest, torture, beatings, and even death. But they never deviated from their story. They never wavered. Cowards were turned into heroes. Men in hiding for fear became fearless martyrs. Death frightened them no more. It held no fur­ ther power over them. Why should they fear those who could only hurt or kill their bodies? They launched a mission and a movement that literally exploded onto the stage of human history.

Beyond this, we have only hints about the character or biography of these disciples. By and large, they appear in the biblical record to be any­ thing but giants. They are portrayed by the Gospels very unfavorably, lacking in dignity, in understanding, and in sensitivity. None of them ap­ pears to come from the upper classes of Jewish society. Four of them (Pe­ ter, James, John, and Andrew) are identified vocationally as fishermen. Matthew seems to have been a tax collector, and Simon in one tradition is called the zealot or the patriot, which may identify him as a member of a Jewish guerilla fighting group.

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